Feb 13 14 11:09 PM

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"About Last Night" Rated R. Rank: D
Let's see if Kevin Hart's boxoffice hot streak can endure a attempt as opposed to recent success "Ride Along."


"About Last Evening," an ill-fated remake of a 1986 movie, features gifted funny performer Hart and Michael Ealy of video "Almost Human" in parts initially played by Jim Belushi and Rob Low e. Bernie and Danny are in present day Los Angeles, where Bernie requires Danny on a day to satisfy Joan (Regina Corridor of "The Greatest Man Holiday"), a girl with whom Bernie has freaky intercourse, and her captivating girlfriend Debbie (Pleasure Bryant of Television's "Parentage").

The Joan and Debbie elements were performed in the 1986 movie by Demi Moore and Elizabeth Perkins (video "Weeds"). The major question presented by this new "About Last Evening," however another godawful Valentine's Day weekend launch, is: Will Bernie and Danny, who's likely hung up on mad-hot ex-husband Alison (Paula Patton), figure out how to give to Joan and Debbie? Or will they stay unfulfilled players having pointless, drunken, one-night-stands? Do I care?

Accommodated by Leslye Headland ("Bachelorette") from the preexisting substance, "About Last Night" is remarkable for head-numbingly repetitive scenes when the characters speak about exactly the same things over and over and giggle uproariously at issues that aren't humorous, express flagrantly fraudulent emotions and participate in sex scenes which look unsightly and disagreeable. In a scene established on Halloween, Danny and Debbie arrive in the area tavern dressed as Ike and Tina Turner. She seems wonderful. However, is this amusing?

Bryant and Ealy are appealing and enticing screen existences. However, a bad screen love match is made by the duo. Hart effectively injects his own-brand of motor-mouthed wit to the torture that is this movie's dialogue. However he doesn't do it often enough to elevate this substance in the pit of romantic-comedy hell where it crawled. That week am I able to conceal on holiday in a jacuzzi?